Monday, December 31, 2007

Focus: The Primary Ingredient for Success

Today, the last day of 2007, I find myself reflecting on what I most want to come of the following year. I am narrowing it down to primarily this:

I want to choose a few specific goals and focus all of my energy toward them this year.

This may seem logical to you, but for me, a true blue Gemini, I find it very hard to concentrate on any one thing for very long. Hence the need for meditation, a practice of one pointed focus. Mind you, this is not my only motivation for meditating, but nonetheless, it makes it on my list of top 5 reasons.

One of the major struggles in my life has been the battle for attaining success. Now, I understand the reasons why it has eluded me for so long.

1. I have been focusing on the lack of success, rather than on having it.
2. I have not been able to focus on one goal for long enough to attain achievement.
3. I do not have a well defined concept of what success really is for me.

Now, when I make my list of goals for the new year, I will focus on them with all of the positive energy I can muster. I believe this is going to be one great year. Happy New Year to you, dear reader.

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Solel said...

You and I are going to get together and we're going to watch "Peaceful Warrior". Save your money, don't rent it. I own it. And I'm going to show you that movie. Set a date and a time for me to come over.