Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Meditation Journal Entry #1

Due to the New Year season, I haven't meditated lately. My husband has been off from work for 4 days, and let's just say that he is rather distracting. With his large frame he goes clunking and clomping around the house, and his big booming "Ahem" as he clears his throat every minute or so is enough to startle me out of any reverie.

I asked him to please refrain from making any noise what so ever for 15 minutes while I tried to mediate this morning. Could he do it? Of course not! He went clomp, clomp, clomping up the hall and even the dogs were in on foiling my plans because they decided to bark loudly at who knows what in the yard.

Though I was not able to find my happy place this time, I did feel better for the few minutes I was able to just focus on deep breathing.

Things that distracted me this time:
1. dogs
2. husband
3. undigested food = discomfort
4. my thoughts

Things to consider next time:
1. meditate while husband at work
2. put the dogs in their kennels
3. get zen on empty stomach


Alexys Fairfield said...

Bon Ami,
This was a very entertaining post. I know what you mean. Other people can be distracting. All the sounds are amplified too. It's funny. I have learned to tune those sounds out though.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. May the new year bring you a sense of renewal and great peace.

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I am adding you to my blogroll.

Solel said...

As a beginning Zen meditator, you should view these things as good training. These distractions are good for you. Just as Miss Fairfield has said in her comment before me, she's learned to tune those sounds out. Life isn't a quiet place. It's very noisy and potentially bothersome. Zen is all about giving up outer control--tuning out the world outside--and harnessing inner control. Meditation is a great method of achieving that. And as far as bothersome thoughts interrupting your meditative zone, just keep this in mind: you're a mountain. The thoughts that you have are clouds. Even though clouds come and go....the mountain remains. Don't fight these thoughts. Let them take their course and pass.

Hubby said...

I'm sorry I'm such a dufus honey. I'll try harder next time.

Anonymous said...

Haha, your post and your husbands comment made me laugh..oww what a sweetie. My zen-teacher asked the group once "why cant we stand the sound of people making noise outside, but we love to hear a bird whistling during meditation? Both should not matter in any way."

I try to keep that in mind, but it is hard. You are right. I usually make sure that the phone isnt going to go off during my meditation as that thing really annoys me.

Just sit!

Have a great moment,