Friday, January 18, 2008

Step One to Accomplishments

In the recent past, I had low self esteem about what I felt I could accomplish in life. This translated loud and clear in the jobs that I have had, to how much money I have made.

The funny thing is that I am multi talented, and those talents are recognized constantly by others. Why then couldn't I allow myself to see it?
Recently, there has been a shift in my thinking. It may have been due to my meditations, or to the fact that I no longer allow negative thoughts to control my mind.
I feel like a different person in the respect that I can acknowledge my talents. I don't deny them, nor do I allow myself to feel less than what I really am...Capable. This thinking has led me to do something that was previously just a dream. This Sunday, an article that I wrote will be published in the local news paper.

It is as if, by taking this one step, that I have torn down the walls of fear that have held me back for so long. Now, I feel like anything is possible. I hope that if you are reading this, and you can relate to this in some way, that you too can take the steps that you need to step out onto the other side of life where your dreams really are possible.

Friday, January 11, 2008

A Course in Miracles

I'm excited to share with you, reader, that last night I was browsing, and found that Marianne Williamson, best selling author of A Course in Miracles, is doing a broadcast for each day of this year to help people to positively change their lives. Of course, I am ten days behind schedule, but I'm doubling up on practicing the lessons she gives until I can catch up. You can go back in archives to find her previous lessons. It's not too late to begin!

"What is a miracle? It is a shift in perception from fear to love. And that shift will change your entire life. Are you ready for a new beginning? A Course in Miracles is a complete, self study spiritual journey. Its goal for you is happiness and peace."- Marianne Williamson

Are you interested? Follow this link to the web page.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Results of 5 Day Detox Diet

Plenty of Rest Required.

It's day 5 of my detox diet, and I am feeling much better now. For those of you who are interested in doing your own detox, here is a brief overview of how I was effected starting from day 1.

Day 1- I had a pounding headache, a stomach ache, and I was quite hungry. Food cravings were waging war with my mind, begging me to just give in and have a slice of bread, or a small piece of chocolate.

Day 2- I had a pounding headache, stomach ache, and late into the night I was nauseous. I even broke out in cold sweats, which proved to me that my body was more toxic than I had realized.

Day 3- I felt good, and I noticed that the dark circles which I usually have under my eyes were beginning to fade.

Day 4- I felt strong enough to go all day without my usual morning cup of coffee, and I did not even get the usual protesting headache. (Note: Before beginning the detox diet, I drank 3-4 mugs of coffee a day.)

Day 5- I woke up with a headache, circles under my eyes, and felt like I had a mild hang over. Though, that may be due to the intense stress of the day before when I had to take my Grandma to the ER. She's fine now, by the way.

Also, I have noticed that I have visibly lost weight from my arms, legs, and bust.

If you are interested in doing your own detox, here is a list of foods to eat, and foods to avoid.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Meditation Journal Entry 2

(Above) not my home, but how I love those colors.

In one of my first posts, I mentioned that I was frustrated about not having a good place to meditate in my home. Well, yesterday I was reading a blog post about meditation for beginners. Somehow, it sparked an idea in my mind as to where I could create my space.

It may seem odd, but I have decided to meditate in the hall way from now on. It's the only room in the house, in my opinion, with the right energy. This morning I lit a candle, placed it on the wooden floor in the narrow corridor, sat all wrapped up in a blanket with my back against the wall, breathed deeply, and I knew I had made the right decision.

Though I could still hear the whir of the traffic on the busy street in front of my house, the dogs still barked at squirrels in the yard, and my head throbbed and ached, I still found peace and quiet in that hall.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Detox Diet Day 2

Oh, how I long for a warm cup.

If you have ever considered doing a detox diet, there is probably one important thing you should know. That one tidbit would be, namely, that it is rough. Now, I'm saying this on my 2nd day, and I can only hope that tomorrow I feel better.

If you plan on doing a detox diet, expect to have a headache, stomach aches, and low energy for the first couple of days. If possible, begin during the weekend, or during some alloted time off from work or other obligations. You will be glad that you did because pain relievers such as Advil or Tylenol are strictly prohibited during detox.

Here is a recipe for one dish, other than fruits and veggies, that I've enjoyed eating today.

Hummus Recipe

2 tbsp. Tahini
2 c. pureed, cooked garbanzo beans
1 1/2 cloves minced garlic
Juice of 1/2 lemon
1/2 tsp. olive oil
Sea Salt to taste
Parsley garnish

1. Strain garbanzo beans and set juice aside.

2. Blend all ingredients including a splash of juice (as needed) to paste consistency.

3. Serve in a shallow dish garnished with parsley.

This makes a great dip for carrots or celery.

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Detox Plan

My Future Body...No, Really...

I have been obsessed with doing a whole body detox for a while now. Finally, after hearing me yammer on endlessly about it, my husband bought me a box of "Whole Body Cleanse", a bribe to get me to shut up about it once and for all.

Though I haven't begun the process yet, I'm gearing up to start tomorrow. Let me tell you, if you haven't already done a detox yourself, it's tough finding appetizing recipes that fit the proper diet plan. I searched the net all morning for meals that will work with my goals. As I go, I'll be sharing my favorite detox recipes here in future posts.

Detox Food Do:
fresh veggies
brown rice
legumes- lentils, garbanzo beans, pinto beans, kidney beans

nuts and seeds
extra virgin olive oil
sea salt
Detox Food Don't:

gluten (found in wheat products)
coffee (1 cup a day is acceptable.)
high fat foods
additives and preservatives (found in many, many packaged and canned foods)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tagged: New Year's Resolutions

I have been tagged by Alexys at Unraveling the Spiritual Mystique.

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions we seem to fall into four categories: 1) quite serious about them, 2) be flippant about them, 3) do it because we feel pressured to, or 4) do not do them.

So, the purpose of this little game is to let us know which category you are in.

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

There are plenty of things I would like to do, but I resolve to do mainly this: To finish every project I start, and to do these things to the best of my ability. This is "quite serious".

I'm tagging my hubby:
Complete Geek