Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Results of 5 Day Detox Diet

Plenty of Rest Required.

It's day 5 of my detox diet, and I am feeling much better now. For those of you who are interested in doing your own detox, here is a brief overview of how I was effected starting from day 1.

Day 1- I had a pounding headache, a stomach ache, and I was quite hungry. Food cravings were waging war with my mind, begging me to just give in and have a slice of bread, or a small piece of chocolate.

Day 2- I had a pounding headache, stomach ache, and late into the night I was nauseous. I even broke out in cold sweats, which proved to me that my body was more toxic than I had realized.

Day 3- I felt good, and I noticed that the dark circles which I usually have under my eyes were beginning to fade.

Day 4- I felt strong enough to go all day without my usual morning cup of coffee, and I did not even get the usual protesting headache. (Note: Before beginning the detox diet, I drank 3-4 mugs of coffee a day.)

Day 5- I woke up with a headache, circles under my eyes, and felt like I had a mild hang over. Though, that may be due to the intense stress of the day before when I had to take my Grandma to the ER. She's fine now, by the way.

Also, I have noticed that I have visibly lost weight from my arms, legs, and bust.

If you are interested in doing your own detox, here is a list of foods to eat, and foods to avoid.


Solel said...

Glad to hear that your Grandmother is okay. Also that the detox is going good. Just as long as you don't get all bulimic on me, okay?Sometimes a lady's self-image can get way distorted on the road to "perfection"! There's results, then there's extremism...and then there's bulimia. I worry about that sometimes.

Bon Ami said...

Thanks for your concern Solel, but I'm not doing the detox diet to loose weight. I'm doing it to clean my system, and to end my addiction to caffeine and sugar. So far, so good:)